Calais Children - Relocation to UK of unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors under the 'Dubs Amendment'

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In October 2016 the team spent several days in the Calais ‘Jungle’, taking instructions pro bono from minors, in order to represent them in their applications to be relocated to the UK under the ‘Dubs Amendment.’

Many of our clients had their applications rejected. 

In ZS (A Child) we are challenging these rejections by Judicial Review on the basis that the ‘Calais Eligibility Criteria’ and the identification procedures for which children should be relocated to the UK under the Dubs Amendment are unlawful. We also argue that the government should be held accountable for their failure to inform us, the legal representatives, of their decision to reject our clients’ applications, and for not providing the children with written reasons for these rejections. We have seen the internal government decision notes for one of our clients: they amount to a two-page box-ticking exercise, dismissing his case with the scribble: ‘REJECT: NO FAM’.

ZS’s challenge was heard in the High Court in February 2017, but the litigation is on-going so he has not received a judgement.

R (aoa ZS (A Child)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department: Admin 3 Feb 2017

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