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Brook House Challenges

Inquiry, Conditions and Abuse

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Safeguards for People Detained in Prison

Safeguards, however flawed, are in place for those held in detention centres, in order that the Home Office is informed of the most vulnerable women and men. Nothing comparable exists for those immigration detainees held in prisons. This is unfair and unreasonable, and our clients are challenging this.

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Access to Justice for People Detained in Prison

For women and men detained in prisons it is extremely difficult to secure representation - even harder than for those held in immigration detention centres. Our clients are challenging this discriminatory state of affairs.

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Calais Children - Relocation to UK under the 'Dubs Amendment'

We represent a number of children in their applications to come to the UK under the Dubs Amendment. Many of them remain in France, without shelter, betrayed by both the French and British authorities.

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Slave Wages in Detention

Immigration detainees are working as cleaners, barbers, food servers, and are being paid £1 per hour. These are slave wages, and we are fighting this.

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LGBTI Persons in Detention

Click here to find out more about how we are challenging the Government's practice and policy on the detention of LGBTI persons.

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Safeguards for Detainees

The Government is failing to provide proper safeguards to detainees, which means that particularly vulnerable women and men such as victims of trafficking, torture and rape continue to be detained.