It often feels like one step forwards and two steps back, but scroll down to read about some of the positive changes we have been able to effect.

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Legal Aid for Emergency Representation

Sometimes justice cannot wait. As a result of our litigation, legal representatives can be more confident that they will be remunerated for work properly undertaken in emergency situations such as the removal of asylum-seekers back to the countries where they may face persecution.

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Brook House Conditions Challenge

As a result of our litigation, the High Court criticised the Home Office for failing to consider the rights of Muslim detainees.

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Detention of Victims of Torture

We sucessfully brought down the Government's policy on the detention of torture victims.

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Challenging Segregation/Solitary Confinement in Detention

We challenged the abusive use of the power to segregate detainees, resulting in reform of the policy and a declaration that our client's segregation had been unlawful.

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Bringing Down the Detained Fast-Track

Our litigation resulted in a declaration from the High Court that the Detained Fast-Track system was unlawful (ultra vires).

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Blocking Afghan Charter Flights

At last minute, we took on the cases of 32 Afghans due to be returned. The flight was blocked and there have since been no charter flights to Afghanistan.

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Access to Justice

Our litigation eased access to justice in judicial review claims.

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Pregnant Women in Detention

Our litigation helped compel the Home Office to place time-limits on the detention of pregnant women.

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Asylum for Afghan Interpreters

As a result of the litigation, the Home Office reviewed its policy so as to recognise Afghan interpreters, who had assisted HM Armed Forces, as a distinct category of persons at risk of persecution on return to Afghanistan.

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Compensation for Unlawful Detention and Removal

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Blocking Returns to Hungary

We won a key case blocking the forced return of asylum-seekers to Hungary.